Artist Statement/Biography- Danielle Roberts 

Through painting I communicate the way in which I understand the representational world.  My critical approach is sardonic, thus the subject matter that I choose to reinterpret into my painting is infused with criticism. I am critical of the construction of experience and I am interested in those moments when the facade begins to crack and unravel. I focus on landscapes that are places designed for leisure, pleasure, and tourism. My experience and memories of these places inform my interest in the social dynamics of space, objectivity, and how humans socially engage with fabricated environments. My work explores painted scenes that imply non explicit narratives. I seek to create an outcome where painterly style establishes an emotional influence upon representational space.

Danielle Roberts was born in Stockton, CA. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2014. She maintains a collaborative art practice with the collective MOPE. Roberts has exhibited nationally and internationally at,  Dynamo (Vancouver), Fifty Fifty Arts Collective (Victoria BC), Spread Art (Detroit MI), The Bakery (Vancouver BC), Glass Door Gallery (Montréal QC),  Skylight Gallery (Vancouver BC), Infringement Festival (Montréal QC), Hive (Gabriola BC), Ayden Gallery (Vancouver BC). She is the recent recipient of The Dean Collection
20 award and is the current Artist in Residence with the Hamilton Arts Council at The Cotton
Factory (Hamilton ON). She currently lives and works Hamilton Ontario.