MOPE Collective exhibition "Actual Losers / by Danielle Roberts

Actual Losers

Opening: August 18th (7pm - 11pm)
Viewing: August 26th (11am - 4pm)
-additional viewing by appointment-


How many manifestos does it take to screw in a black light? Actual Losers is another notch
on the bedpost of exhibitions for the artist collective MOPE. Although, they sleep on air
mattresses on the ground, so this allegory is doubly (if not triply) confusing. Their pursuit of
critical idealism, masked utopias and inherent (pseudo-)failures have cumulated in this body
of work, taking the form of a celebration. Have you ever shown up to a party and couldn't tell
if it was just winding down or about to amp up? " the tension in the air is marked with
awkwardly fumbling fingers. In walks.....Danielle, a vision.....of enduring friendship. 

MOPE originated in Vancouver in 2013, and since then, they have been spirited away to
remote pockets of the country colonially referred to as Canada. Actual Losers marks the
return of MOPE, to each other, and to the site of their humble beginnings. The title of the
exhibition nods to the ethos of an artistic movement that was influential to MOPE, long
before they began working together. Long, long ago, when they were just dandelion spouts
in the cracks of a sidewalk. 

They use narratives like power tools; constructing worlds, breaking down mainstream
ideologies, drilling into conspiracy theories or getting hammered (just kidding!). This time
around, rather than using a narrative to convey a sentiment, MOPE has chosen to turn the
proverbial camera around like an infinity selfie loop, in order to examine the mythologies that
have brought them together. Please join Kai Choufour, Danielle Roberts and Leah McInnis
at Dynamo Arts Association this August 18th for the opening of Actual Losers. 

After graduating from Emily Carr University, Leah McInnis and Danielle Roberts moved in
across the street from Kai Choufour. They began creating ad-hoc exhibition spaces to show
student and emerging artist work. Most notably of these spaces were the Tiny Gallery
(Vancouver 2013-2014) and ROC Y (Burnaby, 2014-2015). Since then, they have been
exhibiting work together as MOPE, which is not an acronym, although sometimes it is fun to

Kai Choufour is a conceptual artist born in Vancouver, currently living and working in
Victoria, BC. He graduated with a BFA from Emily Carr University in 2015. Recently, Kai
oversaw the installation of his first permanent public artwork in Delta, BC, titled Hide and
Seek, as well as a brand new public painting series in Victoria, BC, titled Newtopia.

Danielle Roberts was born in Stockton, CA. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily
Carr University of Art and Design in 2014. She is the recent recipient of The Dean Collection
20 award and is the current Artist in Residence with the Hamilton Arts Council at The Cotton
Factory (Hamilton ON).

Leah McInnis is a conceptual artist, born in the tar sands region of northern Canada. She
graduated from the University of Alberta in 2011 with a BA in English and film studies, before
completing a BFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2013. In 2018 she completed
her MFA in Visual Arts at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, BC.